Monday, 6 October 2014

Summer Market Round-up 2014!

Hello fellow food lovers,

This summer was a busy one for us! We joined forces with The Annex Flea and The Leslieville Flea's monthly markets, and brought you summer classic delights like our creamed corn dog, fried fish sammy, vanilla ice cream, chilli cheese popcorn, and a selection of bubbly lemonades!

With the arrival of fall, we've hung up our summer marketeer aprons, and to celebrate the food we made, the people we fed, and the friends we met, here's a photo re-cap of our summer at the markets!

Our very first market at The Annex Flea!

Fried halibut on a buttered pretzel bun with mango aioli, summer slaw and maldon salt.
Our creamed corn dog with homemade peach cider mustard and corn relish.

 We carry this polaroid with us at every market!
 July's edition of The Annex Flea.
 This time we made grilled corn with jalapeƱo, cilantro and shallot sour cream, sprinkled with chili powder and paprika.
 We bought this retro cake stand from our friends at Big Kev Vintage!
August at The Annex Flea. Our mojito and sangria lemonades were a huge hit.

 We teamed up with Macchina Mobile Cafe to make this affogato with our vanilla ice cream and their delicious espresso.
 September at The Leslieville Flea - What started off as a terrible rainy day quickly turned hot and sunny!
 We were being swarmed by bees, and alannah killed nearly 40 of them! She is now known as the Bee Face Killah!
  Mojito and sangria lemonade were a hit again!
September at The Annex Flea.

 Vegan chili cheese popcorn, Maldon sea salt and peppercorn!
 Grilled cheese with cider braised apples and applewood smoked cheddar. A delicious hit!
 We tried out a peach tea lemonade with mint.

See you at the markets next year!

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  1. Very creative offerings ... look delicious and I bet were totally delectable! I hope you got lots of business!!!!