Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Our friends @ M0851

We've had the pleasure of catering a number of in-store parties at M0851, a Montreal-based leather company at its location in Yorkville, Toronto. Here's a look at some of the treats we've done over the years!

Cherry plum crumble with vanilla bean creme fraiche, white wine reduction, and manchego cheese
 Cucumber and proscuitto cones stuffed with peppercorn goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes
Scallop ceviche with peach melon salsa, roasted jalapeƱo crema on root chips 
Stuffed seared cherry tomato stuffed with herbed ricotta wrapped with pickled cucumber 
 Shaved beef spoons with garlic citrus yogurt dressing with an edamame relish and alfalfa sprouts

 Rhubarb jam and brie on a toasted almond cookie
 Pumperneikl toasts with caraway butter, radish and fennel marinated in a citrus vinaigrette, watercress and an artichoke heart.
 Cold smoked beef wrapped around carrot, pear, asparagus sauteed in butter and red onion relish

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